Ayurveda Course (2 weeks Intensive) The time spent with Dr. Rajesh and his team at Maharshi Charak Ayurveda Centre has been very informative. Firstly it changed my (like many others) misconception that Ayurveda is connected only to Kerala, infact now I realize the most valuable herbs comes from the north, the Himalayas and also local to Rajasthan. The Ayurvedic treatments I learnt were taught beautifully because they were conducted in the traditional methods. The practical training was structured where one gets to watch, perform and experience each treatment taught by Dr. Rajesh and the lovely therapists. The theory was interesting because of Dr. Rajesh’s in-depth knowledge, answered all my questions. Overall a great experience. Thank you Dr. Rajesh and all the staff at “Maharshi Charak” for your smiles and assistance.

Love and light !

Wish you the very Best,