Ayurvedic Face Care

Face Care Treatments:

Soundarya Vardhini
Traditional uses of Soundarya Vardhini include improving tissue nourishment and cleansing, which results in a radiant complexion, maintaining good tone and elasticity, releasing facial tension and physical stress, rerouting subtle energies to relieve stiffness throughout the body, preventing skin sagging, minimising the appearance of wrinkles, removing toxins, revitalising tissues, and treating skin conditions.
Mukha Soundaryavardhini
A facial beauty procedure that uses gentle Ayurvedic herbal face packs, face wash, and cream to improve the colour and complexion of the skin. Ayurvedic facial massages work to completely relax the body by stimulating response points, deep brain centres, and face circulation. Tensions in the neck, shoulders and face are relieved and energy is rebalanced from head to toe. Herbal extracts and essential oils may be added for their additional therapeutic benefits and attractive scents.
This Ayurvedic skin care procedure begins with a 15-minute massage using an Ayurvedic-medicated oil or gel, followed by the application of a just-made face pack. This procedure lessens wrinkles, improves skin tone, and helps the skin age more slowly.
Ayurveda Facial
This unusual process hydrates and feeds the skin. To give the skin a glow, a face pack made from a unique combination of rare herbs is applied. This facial enhances skin texture, unclogs clogged pores, gets rid of pollutants, and cleans the face.
Ayurveda Honey and Milk Facial
This facial helps make your skin glow flawlessly. Honey as a facial mask helps moisturize the skin and tighten pores.
Ayurveda Fruit Facial
This facial helps lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation patches and dark circles. Rejuvenates the skin, giving it a beautiful glow. And also helps restore one’s natural complexion.