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I did the intensive one-week Ayurveda and Yoga training with Dr. Rajesh and to say the least I was extremely impressed with the standard of the course. The course itself was very demanding but as it was well designed it was easier to understand the theoretical concepts as the course progressed. As for the practical component of the course, I had the pleasure to be massaged by 3 different Kerala therapists, who come from 3 different training schools in Kerala, so that I could benefit from their varied expertise. The best part of the course for me was the practical, as I had the best masseur, Rajeev, working with me massaging different volunteers. This was essential to enable me to follow his moves and so grasp the whole complexity and rhythm of the movements. The whole course was well supervised by Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Anurag, my Yogi Guru during my Yoga training. I am also very thankful to Dr. Rajesh for arranging hotel, airport transfer, etc. Overall, this is a fantastic course and I couldn’t have chosen a better centre to do it in. I highly recommend this course and hope you will have as much fun as I did. We may even meet on the Diploma course, which will be my next step.

Kind regards