4-week Ayurveda Therapist Training Program ($1020)

Week 1: Introduction to Ayurveda Fundamentals

Unit 1: Basic Principles of Ayurveda
  • Objective: Understand the fundamental principles and philosophy of Ayurveda.
Unit 2: Prakriti (Body-Type) Analysis
  • Objective: Learn the principles and practice of determining individual body types and their implications.
Unit 3: The Three Pillars of Ayurveda – Diet, Sleep & Celibacy
  • Objective: Explore the vital role of diet, sleep, and celibacy in Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Week 2: Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle

Unit 4: Ayurveda Concept of Diet and Life Style
  • Objective: Understand the principles of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle for maintaining balance and health.
Unit 5: Daily & Seasonal Regimen (Dinacharya & Ritucharya)
  • Objective: Learn the daily and seasonal practices according to Ayurveda for optimal well-being.
Unit 6: Concept of Rasayana & Vajikarana
  • Objective: Explore rejuvenation therapy and aphrodisiac concepts in Ayurveda.

Week 3: Ayurveda Therapies and Techniques

Unit 7: Ayurveda Beauty Care
  • Objective: Learn Ayurvedic beauty care techniques for face, skin, and hair.
Unit 8: Marma Therapy
  • Objective: Understand vital pressure point techniques and their therapeutic applications.
Unit 9: Fundamentals of Diagnosis
  • Objective: Learn the basics of diagnosing health conditions in Ayurveda.

Week 4: Practical Applications and Therapies

Unit 10: Preparation and Quality Control of Herbal Products
  • Objective: Understand the preparation of herbal products and quality control measures.
Unit 11: Ayurvedic Pharmacology (Dravyaguna)
  • Objective: Learn the basic concepts of Ayurvedic pharmacology and the use of herbs in primary healthcare.
Unit 12: Introduction to Panchakarma Therapies
  • Objective: Understand the fundamental concepts and benefits of Panchakarma therapies.
Unit 13: Specialized Ayurvedic Therapies
  • Objective: Learn specialized Ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, pain management techniques, Abhyangam (massage), and Nasya (nasal administration).
Unit 14: Tarpanam – Eye Care Treatment
  • Objective: Learn Ayurvedic eye care treatments and therapies.
Unit 15: Open Session, Assessment, and Certification
  • Objective: Provide participants with an opportunity to practice and demonstrate what they have learned. Conduct an assessment test and award certificates to successful participants.

Program Structure:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Ayurveda Fundamentals (Units 1-3)
  • Week 2: Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle (Units 4-6)
  • Week 3: Ayurveda Therapies and Techniques (Units 7-9)
  • Week 4: Practical Applications and Therapies (Units 10-15)

This structure provides a progressive learning experience, starting with foundational knowledge and moving towards practical applications and specialized therapies. The program balances theoretical understanding with hands-on practical sessions to ensure participants are well-equipped as Ayurveda Therapists.

Course material and reading material will be provided to the students.

To enrol in the course contact us at : charakayurveda@gmail.com